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Zoomlion Launches Largest Flat-top Tower Crane T3000

Posted: 07/28/2014 02:07:35   Edited: 07/28/2014 02:07:23  Clicks: 3165
The delivery ceremony of the world's largest flat-top tower crane T3000 was held on July 26 in Zoomlion Industrial Park, Changde, Hunan.
T3000 is another masterwork of Zoomlion that challenges the world’s level of scientific research after successfully developing the world's largest wheel crane, crawler crane and all-terrain crane. T3000 further perfects the product family of Zoomlion cranes.
During the ceremony, the certification officer of Guinness World Records announced that T3000 is the world's largest flat-top tower crane made by the China Zoomlion. Zoomlion has become a global leader in the field of tower crane. Its market share has ranked first in domestic market for five years and accounts for as high as 20% in global markets.
Ceng Shunan, the director of National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said: “The birth of this record marks that Zoomlion owns the most cutting-edge tower crane technology in the field of tower crane design and manufacturing in the world. That fully manifests the leading position and role of Zoomlion in global crane industry.”
Yu Lekang, the vice general manager of Zoomlion construction crane branch company, introduced that T3000 would push the technology revolution of lifting construction by supercritical thermal power units, which will greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the costs. This revolution can drive China’s flat-top tower crane technology to reach the worlds’ leading level and form core technology of super large flat-top tower cranes, which will enhance the influence of China in international tower crane industry.
Market analysts believe that global tower crane market has now entered into a period of slight increase after several years of rapid development. In this context, research and development of high-end products is particularly important. The launch of T3000 will become another tool of Zoomlion to seize global tower crane market.
Zoomlion Launches the Largest Flat-top Tower Crane T3000 - DE

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