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Vietnam to Get Rid of the Dependence of Chinese Machinery

Posted: 08/24/2014 09:08:47   Edited: 08/24/2014 09:08:47  Clicks: 1917
Although Vietnam’s economy has developed rapidly, its level of industrialization is still not high. Machineries for Vietnam engineering, metallurgy, textile, paper, chemical and other industries rely on import. The import proportion of some sectors reaches as high as 90%. China machinery has occupied most of the market due to huge price advantage. However, at present, the Vietnamese government and enterprises are trying to accelerate technological innovation in order to gradually get rid of the dependence on the import of Chinese machinery. 
LeHoangQuan, the President of Ho Chi Minh City called on state-owned enterprises to accelerate technological innovation and achieve diversification of raw materials supply. He said that Vietnam in fact has the ability to manufacture these machines. Vietnamese universities, scientists and companies should together develop and manufacture machinery, and gradually replace imported products.
LeVanKhoa, the person in charge of Ho Chi Minh Department of Industry and Trade, said that the price of China-made machinery and equipment is cheap, but it has large oil consumption. Therefore, many companies turn to buy German and Japanese machines. Although the performance and efficiency of these machines are high, they need to spend more money.
At present, 29 companies of Ho Chi Minh City set up a 380-billion-VND "Science and Technology Foundation", among which 124 billion will be used for the research and development of modern technology. Insiders said that the current labor productivity of Ho Chi Minh City is very low, only one quarter of Thailand and one fifth of Malaysia. However, with the technological innovation in Vietnam in the next five years, this situation will be greatly improved.
Compared with similar products from Europe and Japan, Chinese construction machinery has a great advantage in terms of cost. Usually, the price of a western machinery equipment is close to that of the entire production line from China. "China Machinery" is now generally accepted by construction machinery market in Vietnam, and enjoys a high reputation in local relevant industries.
Vietnam to Get Rid of the Dependence of Chinese Machinery

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