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Upgrading of CNC Packaging Equipments is Imminent

Posted: 08/11/2014 09:08:38   Edited: 08/11/2014 09:08:38  Clicks: 1478
In recent years, CNC equipments have become an important trend. The United States, Japan, Germany and other industrialized countries attach great importance to the development of advanced packaging technology and equipments. They stress the applying of CNC technology to upgrade traditional packaging equipment manufacturing. In the foreseeable future, machinery industry of pharmaceuticals, food and packaging will enter intelligent era, replacing CNC era.
CNC technology refers to the use of digital IT to control work processes and mechanical motion. Numerical control equipment typically reflects the deep integration of information technology and mechanical technology. China’s packaging equipment manufacturing industry has continued to improve for years. It has formed a strong ability to innovate and has laid a solid foundation for further push of CNC equipment.
Ministry of Industry and Informatization and Chinese Academy of Engineering developed a plan named “Project Action Plan of CNC Generation Equipment Innovation”. It is valid from 2011 to 2020. Food and packaging machinery industry was listed in the project plan, and pharmaceutical packaging machinery could also seize this opportunity to seek new development.
The implementation of "CNC generation" is about to promote the application of digital control technology for various types of drugs, food machinery and packaging equipments. That can integrate the innovation of a number of CNC equipments, realize the upgrading of equipment performance and functionality, and even promote the transformation of equipment manufacturing industry.
With the change of development environment such as economic development mode and the rising cost of human resources, equipments are required for high efficient, low consumption, cleanness, high performance, etc. Thus, upgrading of equipments is imminent currently.
Upgrading of CNC Packaging Equipments is Imminent

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