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Trend of Construction Machinery Leasing Market

Posted: 10/19/2014 10:10:24   Edited: 10/19/2014 10:10:24  Clicks: 1796
China’s economy is in a stage of rapid development. Present Occident countries are the future of our nation. From this perspective, the domestic construction machinery rental market has just started, which has a huge space for development.
There are two main methods for construction machinery leasing: physical leasing and financial leasing. China's construction machinery rental market probably has the following components: individual households, larger private rental companies, device management centers established by construction units and large-scale specialized leasing companies.
It can be learned from the constitution of rental market that it is still in the early stages of development, despite of great progress made by construction machinery leasing industry in recent years. Construction machinery rental market is not perfect. Besides the lack of industry standards, the credit system is not perfect, the market competition is disorder, and the business lead companies are not formed. Enterprises are short of market credibility, development of financial and policy support. Thus, the industry market needs the introduction of regulatory policies. Although the development of construction machinery leasing industry is facing many obstacles, the market’s outlook remains bullish.
At present, construction machinery of western countries’ rental market accounts for about 85% of the total volume, which shows the popularity of construction machinery rental market in developed countries. In Europe, there are two types of construction enterprises renting construction machinery from leasing company: short-term use (with drivers) and long-term use (with drivers or only equipments). They are also called simple and all-inclusive lease. A simple lease means that rental providers only offer what customers need. While all-inclusive lease means providing customers with completed services including preferred consulting, hire and repair services, data compilation, etc.
Development Trend of Construction Machinery Leasing Market

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