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The Introductions to Some Mechanic Elites

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I. Friedrich Wilhelm Lorenz
Friedrich Wilhelm Lorenz (1842–1924), the founder of the Lorenz Company and an inventor and successful entrepreneur. 
He was interested in and concentrated on the production of double-enveloping worm-gear drives and in 1891 invented methods to generate the worm and the gear of the drive. Having received two patents for this work, it was not a surprise that the worm-gear drive was his favorite invention and that, inspired by Julius Grundstein, Lorenz’ company in Ettlingen specialized in the production of gear equipment. At the end of the 19th century, the company had become uniquely experienced in designing and producing precise metal-working machines, and in 1906 Julius Grundstein became its technical director. One of the first tests of the company’s new direction was the design and production of a giant gear-cutting machine for gears having diameters up to 6 m, modules up to 100 mm, and tooth lengths up to 1.5 m.
In 1990, the Lorenz Company celebrated its 100th anniversary and is presently well known in the industry as a manufacturer of precise shaping machines for the production of external and internal involute gears, helical involute gears, chain-drive gears, and other special-profile gears that can be generated by a shaper. The company also produces noncircular gears using CNC machines to execute the related motions of the shaper and the noncircular gear being generated.
II. Johann Georg Bodmer
Johann Georg Bodmer (1786–1864), Swiss mechanic and prolific inventor of machine tools and textile-making machinery.
Johann Georg Bodmer came from a family of skilled handymen who traced their history in Switzerland for more than 400 years. Members of this family were experienced stonecutters and textile workers. The young Bodmer graduated from the School of Art of Zurich when he was only 16, but he was highly motivated, talented, and creative and educated himself through experience. His inventions dealt with the textile industry, steam machines, locomotives, drives for ships, cannons, and various metal-cutting machines, including gear-cutting machines. Some of the machines that were designed for the production of tools used to manufacture screws and nuts were developed by successful cooperation with his son-in-law Jacob Reishauer, one of the founders of the Reishauer Company.
Of special interest to gear engineers is that Johann Bodmer designed and manufactured spur gears with the ratio of 145 to 15, bevel gears, and helical gears. His achievements in the field of gears and in other areas of the machine industry were related to his remarkable ability to design tools. Undoubtedly, Johann Bodmer was in advance of his time and full recognition of his genius came later and not in his lifetime.
III. Edwin R. Fellows
Edwin R. Fellows (1865 –1945) was an American inventor and entrepreneur from Torrington, Connecticut, another pioneer during the "golden" era of gear manufacturing, who invented a revolutionary method to generate gears by shaping. His method is based on the simulation of two gears meshing during gear rotation about two parallel axes, which is in contrast to two other inventors who based their methods on hobs and rack-cutters.
The manufacture of spur gears by shaping originated at the Fellows Gear Shaper Company in Springfield, Vermont in 1896. Fellows' invention was a significant contribution because it enabled the automation of the internal and external gear manufacturing process. The automotive industry's broad application of the Fellows gear shaper process confirmed the importance of the invention. Continued development produced machines capable of generating helical and face gears.
In 1897, the Fellows Company designed and built a machine for grinding involute profiles on gear shaper cutters. This process was later recognized for its application in grinding the various tooth profile cutters that were used to shape spur, helical and special tooth profile gears.
The coming of the automobile was fortuitous for the machine tool industry. Iin 1902 he developed the 24-inch gear shaper, which was principally developed to cut automobile gears. The fortunes of the company came to be interwoven with the automobile industry. 
During the Second World War, the Fellows Company was awarded the distinguished Army-Navy Production Award for its outstanding contribution. Today, the Fellows Gear Shaper Company continues to prosper by designing and building innovative CNC machines with its latest Hydrostroke Gear Shaper, all of which attests to the importance of Edwin R. Fellows' pioneering innovations.
IV. Hans Liebherr
Hans Liebherr (1915-1993) was a gifted designer and the founder of several successful industrial companies. Liebherr had a realistic perspective of technological advances and the talent to choose the right direction for his company. Hans Liebherr founded the Liebherr Group of Companies in 1949, which manufactures construction and mining machinery. Since then, the Liebherr group has gone on to become one of Europe's leading manufacturers of refrigeration and has earned a reputation for performance, innovation and care for the environment.
The great business success Hans Liebherr enjoyed did not change his personality. He remained a modest man, did not like publicity, and concentrated all his efforts on designing and producing gear equipment. His valuable contributions to German industry were recognized by Aachen University, which awarded him an honorary doctorate of engineering in 1964.
In the early 1990’s Liebherr took over Maschinenfabrik Lorenz, which manufactured gear shaping machines and cutters. The company's latest development is a new generation of CNC gear hobbing machines designed for hard metal and cermet tools for dry cutting. These machines have been very well received and put on the market.
Today, Liebherr's engineering competence in Germany provides an extensive range of refrigeration and wine storage equipment to the world market. Liebherr is a family run business with 32,000 employees in more than 100 companies, across all continents.
V. The Browns
The Browns’ story concerns a prosperous British company that originated in the Victorianera and was successfully run by one family for 135 years. David Brown Engineering Limited is an English engineering company, principally engaged in the manufacture of gears and gear boxes. Their major gear manufacturing plant is in Swan Lane, Lockwood, Huddersfield, adjacent to Lockwood railway station. The company made significant contributions to the design and manufacture of gear  transmissions and special products.
In 1860, the first David Brown (1843–1903) founded the company when he was only 17. Originally, he began his business as a patternmaker for cast gears in Huddersfield and later extended it to the manufacture of cast gears. About 1898, his sons inspired him to begin manufacturing machine cut gears, an idea that later led to his making significant contributions to the design and manufacture of gear drives.After David Brown’s death in 1903, his three sons, Ernest, Frank, and Percy, continued to run the company. Ernest took over the pattern business and Percy and Frank, the gear design and manufacture. When Percy Brown died in 1931 and Frank in 1941, the company was then operated by David Brown (later Sir David), Frank’s son and the only grandson of the first David Brown. 
In recognition of the David Brown Company’s tremendous contribution to British industry during and after the Second World War, David Brown was knighted in 1968, and Arthur Sykes received the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) and a special gold medal presented by the AGMA for his services to the industry. In addition, Arthur Sykes, Dr. Merrit, and Prof. Tuplin gained wide recognition as engineering educators and textbook authors. Prof. Tuplin became the head of the postgraduate Department of Applied Mechanics at Sheffield University.
David Brown could not perceive a logical successor to his family-operated company and sold it in 1990. It continues its successful activity as the David Brown Group PLC under the management of Cris Cook and Cris Brown.

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