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  • Posted: 11/18/2014 02:11:51  Clicks: 3142
    Abstract: The article summaries the processing status of investment casting technology of large-size turbine blades. Dies designing and making, wax dimension controlling, techniques of shell, techniques of direction blade, single-crystal blade and other processing ways are introduced as examples. The article also dis...
  • Posted: 11/20/2014 09:11:38  Clicks: 1751
    1.1 Mold design First of all, analyze the parts structure of guide tube, and choose the appropriate parting surface, as Fig.1. Make sure for reasonable die structure, which is also a design process of casting products. Guide tube belongs to the thin wall parts with symmetrical structure. The thickness of its main pa...
  • Posted: 11/25/2014 10:11:00  Clicks: 1835
    In recent years, the parts of aero-engine and automobile engine become lightweight and precision, to make thin wall castings widely used for a range of applications. Many thin wall castings’ wall thickness is only 1.5~5 mm, thus they need higher casting requirements. A guide tube of high-power engine is thin-wa...
  • Posted: 12/05/2014 01:12:35  Clicks: 1374
    Keywords: Investment Casting, Thin-walled Parts, A356 Thin-walled Casting, Al-alloy Fixed Parts. Aluminum Alloy Thin Wall Complex Parts   In recent years, precision investment casting is widely applied in the forming of aluminum alloy parts, especially for forming of aluminum alloy thin wall complex parts. &n...
  • Posted: 12/11/2014 09:12:16  Clicks: 1503
    Abstract: In pump impellers and turbine wheels production process, the shell is easy to fracture because of their complex structure. Through improving investment casting process of pump impeller and turbine to solve the problem of the mold fracture, and increase the quality casting rate of pump impellers and turbine ...
  • Posted: 12/24/2014 04:12:00  Clicks: 3659
    Introduction Lost foam casting process (EPC, LFC) for aluminum castings is used more and more widely in the automotive industry, especially in developed industrialized countries. EPC has been used for the production of automotive engine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission housing, water-cooled double exhaust pipes...
  • Posted: 03/12/2015 04:03:38  Clicks: 1398
    Gear plays an important role in basic components fields of mechanical products. Gear drive is a crucial form of transmitting the power of machine. It has bigger power range, higher efficiency, longer life and more accurate drive ratio, and is more reliable than other drivers such as belt, friction, hydropress, etc. T...
  • Posted: 04/02/2015 03:04:00  Clicks: 1146
    Pneumatic aluminum alloy ball valve is widely used in industrial fields, and the following introduces the working principles and knowledge of this kind valve.   Pneumatic aluminum alloy ball valve is evolved from plug valve. Both of them have the same 90 degrees rotation, but the different part is that the p...
  • Posted: 04/23/2015 04:04:28  Clicks: 1389
    New technology, new material and new craft are the three pillars of mechanical industry development. The application of new technology and material inevitably brings about the updating and innovation of process method.   Gear machining technology: Represented by automobile gear, hobbing-shaving process is gene...
  • Posted: 05/13/2015 04:05:35  Clicks: 1488
    Gear cutting machine is used for processing cylindrical gear, bevel gear and other machines with gear. It has many specifications from small one of machining a-few-millimeter-diameter gear, to large one of processing gear with more than ten meters diameter, and high efficiency machine for mass production as well as p...
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