Stainless Steel Seal Gasket OEM Conract Manufacturing

Stainless Steel Seal Gasket OEM Conract Manufacturing
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China Stainless Steel Seal Gasket OEM & Contract Manufacturer DE offers SS Seal Gasket Conract Manufacturing Sevices, standards, size as customer required.

Stainless Steel Seal Gasket OEM Conract Manufacturing Key Specifications / Features

1. Product Performance
We processed into kinds of metal sealing gaskets by high precision NC lathe, suitable for the sealing parts of pressure container, valve, cylinder head with high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosion. General characteristic is installation area small and preload pressure high. The stainless steel ring is widely used in shipbuilding, petroleum machine building and chemical machinery.
Blank: adopting die forging or grinding ring (ring rolling machine) to ensure the quality of internal forging blank, the outline can achieve the min machining allowance, it can reduce the processing time and cost.
Machining: For processing of thin-walled stainless steel ring, our self research and development of the tool and jig and reasonable cutting process can achieve the effect of micro deformation or not. It can improve the machining efficiency and reduce cost.
 Product identification and traceability: According to the customer's requirements to make the track management of the heat number or type.

2. Size
OD: 613mm; ID: 553mm; Thickness: 40mm.
Other sizes or standards as required.

3. Functional Analysis
4. Materials
ASTM/AISI, CF8M, CF8M+2.75%Mo.
Chinese Standards: 316, 316L, 316M.

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