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SINOMACH Firstly Develops Large Complete Mining Equipment

Posted: 10/29/2014 03:10:11   Edited: 10/29/2014 03:10:11  Clicks: 3605
The first batch of 25 mining trucks and five excavators, owned by China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation (affiliated to China National Machinery Industry Corporation), were stationed in a large lead-zinc mine field in Yunnan Province.
With steep terrain, the large lead-zinc mine field is under extremely harsh mining conditions. Therefore, the mine development must rely on advanced equipment.
Previously, the project side mainly introduced foreign equipments and rarely used domestic equipments. However, SINOMACH eventually ends this situation based on strong ability of research and development.
China SINOMACH is listed as one of the World’s Top 500 Enterprises. Its main activities consist of engineering equipment research, project contracting and trading, etc.
SINOMACH Firstly Develops Large Complete Mining Equipment

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