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Several Selection Ways of Hydraulic Valves

Posted: 2014-07-06 23:39:02  Hits: 1455

1. The choice of hydraulic valves by operation ways

Hydraulic valves can be devided into manual control, mechanical control, hydraulic control, electric control types etc. Choose an adaptive hydraulic valve according to the control requirements of system and the configuration of electrical system. For small and uncommonly used system, the adjustment of working pressure can be directly operated by artificial regulation through relief valves. If the installation position of relief valve is far away from the operating position, remote pressure regulating valve can be adopted for remote control. If the hydraulic pump frequently opens and closes, electromagnetic overflow valve is the alternative for electric control. In addition, choose initial or intermediate position to install reversing valves for hydraulic pump unloading to meet the same requirements. In many occasions, electromagnetic reversing valves can easily combine with electrical system in order to improve the automation degree of system. While in some occasions, to simplify the electrical control system and operation process, manual reversing valves are appropriate chooses.

2. The choice of hydraulic valves by flow parameters

The selection of flow parameters for hydraulic valves can be in accordance with the nominal flow marked by the product. Circuit flow of every part in a hydraulic system can't be the same. Therefore, we can’t choice a flow parameter simply according to the rating of the hydraulic pump output flow. Consideration should be given to the maximum flow of each part in hydraulic system under all working status. When choose a throttle valve or a speed regulating valve, we should not only consider the possible maximum flow through the valve, but also the indicator of minimum stable flow. Some loops have bigger flow. If you choose a directional control valve whose flow is equivalent, the reversing activity may produce larger pressure shock. To improve system performance, choose a larger specification of reversing valve. For other systems whose through flow is not big under most of work states, take consideration into the compact system layout and working performance of the valve itself.

3. The choice of hydraulic valves by rated pressure

For the choice of rated pressure for hydraulic valves, choose corresponding pressure level according to the working pressure designed by the system. Make sure the system work pressure appropriately below the rated pressure value indicated by the product. High-pressure series hydraulic valves are usually applied to all work pressure under the rated pressure. Of course, some technical indicators of high-pressure hydraulic components under the condition of rated pressure can be a little different in various working pressure, and some indicators can be better. Under the trend of high-pressure and general unified sets, the selection of rated pressure will be more convenient. System working pressure that slightly higher than indicated pressure is generally allowed in a short period.

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