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Reintjes Will Launch a Hybrid Gearbox LAF 6766

Posted: 08/04/2014 09:08:11   Edited: 08/04/2014 09:08:11  Clicks: 2305
Germany Reintjes Company will exhibit its newest hybrid gearbox LAF 6766 on the Hamburg Maritime Conference held in September. The new hybrid gearbox is equipped with adjustable power output (PTO) and power input (PTI). It is developed for adjustable pitch propeller system which has 5.350kW of output power at a speed of 900 rev / min.
When the generator drives the motor on the gearbox, the power input mode will help slow down mobilization. That is in favor of a ship when mobilizing. Additional generator power will also meet the demand for electricity marine equipment. For example, when a ship is steering to an offshore oil rig from a port at a normal speed, it was operated with cruise mode. As a general standard purpose, the gearbox transmits power from the diesel engine to the propeller, without any additional power distributed to the ship.
When at dynamic position, one shafting will work together with the diesel engine. And the generators are driven in parallel to provide energy for the second shaft drive generator, in order to save fuel and reduce wear. It requires a lot of power pulling an oil rig to another position, so that the gearbox is running in booster mode. During this operating mode, the motor and diesel engine run together. Hybrid power they generate can drive AHTS.
Controlling the clutch by hydraulic pressure will realize easy convert of four operation modes. Therefore, ships can take advantages of it to make the best use of its power, gearbox and the entire drive train.
Reintjes Will Launch a Hybrid Gearbox LAF 6766

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