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Qinchuan and GE Signed 20 Million Order of Gears

Posted: 06/19/2014 03:06:31   Edited: 06/19/2014 03:06:44  Clicks: 1580
Recently, Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., LTD. and General Electric (GE) Energy Group signed a new gear and gear transmission parts contract, which is worth 20 million RMB. This shows an expanding business scope between the two groups after casting cooperation. Further upgrade consociation marks the transformation of Qinchuan Group in recent years, who wins high-end market among the coordinated development of host machines, basic components and modern manufacturing services.
As a first-class supplier of GE, Qinchuan Group follows swiftly after the strategic layout of three major business groups subordinated to GE (including renewable energy generation equipment, oil & gas, energy management technology). The cooperation refers to special gear boxes of oilfield equipment including herringbone gears, gear shaft parts and machine parts. Combined with previous projects, Qinchuan Development Group has received more than 30 million Yuan total ordered from GE.
For the past few years, based on efficient gears, precision processing and leading equipments, Qinchuan Group independently researches and develops milling compound machining center, spiral bevel gear machining center, high-efficiency broaching system etc, which perfect the chain enterprises of gear process equipment. Injected assets by Qinchuan Group who plans to be overall listing, Qinchuan Casting’s business income increased by 22.36% from January to April this year. The largest contribution belongs to GE casting sales, which is expected to achieve one hundred million Yuan within a whole year.

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