Industries Served
From purchase and installation, to field monitoring and serving, DE gives you the maximum help in the uptime, productivity and profit of mining. We ensure that your mine can exploit high-quality, mission-critical products (Gear OEM for Mining).
Mining expertise
Work with a true partner who understands your applications, specifies the right equipment and adds value at every step. DE Gear has more than ten years of experience in manufacturing gears applied for crushers, conveyors. No matter in an underground mine, surface mine, or coal preparation plant – mine operators, equipment manufacturers and consulting engineers all turn to DE for their power transmission solutions.
DE Gear can offer a fully test and proven package that will integrate into your production system without any worries or surprises, which you cannot get from any other companies.
DE is with you every step of the way.
From purchase and installation to testing, monitoring, repair and overhauls, DE provides outstanding lead times and customer service. Counting on our superior product quality, on-the-spot field service and industry-leading technical support, you could avoid costly maintenance, repairs and shutdowns, thus you can obtain the maximum return over the products’ total lifecycle. With sales and service operations in mining regions worldwide, we deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.
DE products, DE reliability. 
DE is a leading manufacturer of critical system components that perform the most rigorous demands in your mining applications, including gear driving and couplings. With the concept of safety, our products are engineered to meet cost and performance requirements, which is to ensure the most efficient solution for specific applications.

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