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Working condition and phenomenon
Metallurgy industry is one of the important industries which gear device is applied. The variable speed ratio and tooth surface gear contact stress are big. The tooth surface contact state and load may occur continuous change in any time in the movement, and causing the higher local temperature between tooth face. In addition, the gear equipment applied in Metallurgy is often in overload, high temperature, water, dust and other environment polluted conditions. So the gear application conditions and application environment have put forward higher requirements on gear manufacturers.
Steel rolling mill is one of the important production equipment in metallurgical industry. Affected by large quantity of cooling water, water and water vapor often permeate into the gear, which are prone to corrosion and failure.
DE ability 
DE Gear has drives for steel mills for more than ten years. Through the understanding of the metallurgical industry, we have accumulated a lot of experience in gear design and test. Through the study of pressure angle of gear, the tooth shape, tooth profile, we can design non-standard gears whose performance are improved several times. Also, our have done different levels of detection, test to develop a gear with the most ideal heat treatment performance. Most appropriate way of heat treatment has been formulated to meet the gears internal quality and appearance quality.
DE is with you every step of the way. 
From purchase and installation to testing, monitoring, repair and overhauls, DE provides outstanding lead times and customer service. Counting on our superior product quality, on-the-spot field service and industry-leading technical support, you could avoid costly maintenance, repairs and shutdowns, thus you can obtain the maximum return over the products' total lifecycle. With sales and service operations in mining regions worldwide, we deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.
DE products, DE reliability. 
DE is a leading manufacturer of components that perform the most rigorous demands in your mining applications, including gear driving and couplings. With the concept of safety, our products are engineered to meet cost and performance requirements, which is to ensure the most efficient solution for specific applications.

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