Internal Spur Gear Contract Manufacturing Services

Internal Spur Gear Contract Manufacturing Services
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China Internal Spur Gear Contract Manufacturing Services: Max module 20, Helical Angle ±30°, 20°, PCD Φ 100 - 3000mm, Max Face width 500mm, DIN 6-8.

Internal Spur Gear Contract Manufacturing Services Key Specifications / Features

1. Product Features
   DE industry's full line of gear manufacturing services includes internal gears, in addition to our selection of conventional, external gears. Internal gears, with teeth located on the inside as opposed to the outside of the gear, are used in all industries, from military/government to electronics and chemical applications. We also serve customers in the medical, automotive, biotechnology, and packaging industries.
As with our conventional external gears, shaft options include flat or hex shafts, and we use gear cutting methods from broaching to hobbing, depending on design choices and end-user requirements.  We can also heat treat internal gears via carburizing, flame induction or nitriding.

2. Manufacturing Capacity/Size
Max module 20
Pressure angle ±30°, 20°
Max PCD Φ 3000mm
Min PCD Φ100mm
Max Gear Face Width 500mm
Accuracy DIN 6~8

3. Functional Analysis
DE industry provides a wide range of highly accurate internal gears to meet the customer's needs.
The internal gear often used in Planetary Gear System and Coupling, DE can provide internal gears with high quality and high accuracy that will satisfy the specific needs of the customer. This is achieved through original DE technology that has been innovatively engineered to gain a competitive advantage over competitors.
Bevel gears are suitable for various industries like power plants, marine applications, defense, equipments, steel plants, coal mines etc.

4. Material
ASTM4140, ASTM1045, ASTM4340.
Chinese standard: 42CrMo, 45#, 40CrNiMo
We also manufacture custom gears according to specific material requirement.

5. Heat Treatment
Normalizing, Modified treatment, Nit riding, Solt bath nitride, Nickel plating, Quenching.

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