Hydraulic Multi-Way Directional Control Valve

Hydraulic Multi-Way Directional Control Valve
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 Model No.: MWDV 2-F15    Clicks: 2846
China DE Hydraulic Multi-Way Directional Control Valve for Forklift and Lift Truck integrates shunt valve and multi-port directional control valve.
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Hydraulic Multi-Way Directional Control Valve Key Specifications / Features

1. Product performance:
MWDV 2-F15 Hydraulic Multi-way directional control valve is integrates shunt valve and multi-way directional control valve, what make the vehicle steering system and oil cylinder working system share a pump, it reduces the complicate applications of the system's connections and it's easy to design and install. The valve is also set up a valve rod with self-locking structure to avoid vibration caused by oil cylinder internal negative pressure when the mast of fork truck fore rake. The mast of fork truck can't tilt even you push the joystick fiercely when turning off the engine. This can avoid the serious consequences because of the incorrect operation.

MWDV 2-F15 Multi-way directional control valve consists of filling valve slice, reversing valve slice and oil return valve slice. In order to meet different customer's requirements it can be increase or decrease part arbitrarily. The reset valve rod use the hand-directional spring with auto reset. The filling valve slice with oil circuit and the relief valve with distributing oil circuit to control the flow of split oil-way and safety pressure. Each reversing valve slice have one-way check valve to prevent the "point fight" Phenomenon when the oil back flow. According to the customer's requirement, in the both ends of each reversing valve slice, it can sets up overload valve to meet the load needs of different actuator. The valve is widely used in one to three tons of internal combustion forklifts and other construction machinery hydraulic system.

2. Hydraulic Multi-Way Directional Control Valve Model CodeMode Code: 
MWDV------F  15  *  -----*/  * / ---——*
  ①     ②   ③  ④    ⑤   ⑥      ⑦
① Multi-way directional control valve series code
② Pressure rating F: 20 Mpa
③ Nominal diameter 15mm
④ Forklift classification DY: electric forklift,Y: IC forklift truck
⑤ The first reversing valve plug type
   It's type A, also can choose type 0,02 etc.
⑥ The second reversing valve plug type
   It's type 02, also can choose type A,0 etc.
⑦ Forklift's Ton

3. Performance Parameter:
Nominal pressure(Mpa): 20.
Nominal diameter(mm): 15.
Nominal flow-rate(L/min): 75.
Reversing valve slice: 1 - 4.
Priority Shunt flow range(L/min): 0 - 24.
Relief valve pressure(MPa): 6.5 - 12.5.
Operating pressure(MPa): 0.45, 0.7.

4. Installation Size:
 Hydraulic Multi-Way Directional Control Valve Drawing

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