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Hydraulic Machinery Industry Is under New Situations

Posted: 09/03/2014 11:09:26   Edited: 09/03/2014 11:09:26  Clicks: 1782
It is expected that domestic total demand of hydraulic, fluid power, pneumatic and sealing products in 2015 will increase from 20 billion yuan in 2005 to 35 billion yuan. Among which hydraulic products will raise from 10 billion yuan to 20 billion yuan, and fluid power products will increase from 0.1billion yuan to 0.2 billion yuan. Hydraulic technology is widely used in many areas and has realized great application and development in civilian industry, machine tools, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, plastics machinery, forestry machinery, automobile, shipbuilding and other industries.
In response to the new situation after China joining WTO, all enterprises of the hydraulic industry are accelerating technological innovation and enhancing market competitiveness. A number of high-quality products were successfully applied for national key projects and key supporting host, achieving good economic and social benefits. At present, China hydraulic industry owns more than 1,000 enterprises with a certain scale, including about 300 major companies. Equipment of west-east national gas transmission project and steering vane pumps are the key components of the steering system of middle and heavy duty vehicles. The current annual output has reached 100,000 sets.
It can be seen that hydraulic transmission products play an important role in national economy and defense construction, whose development determines the performance improvement of mechanical and electrical products. They can not only maximize the demand for functional diversification of mechanical and electrical products, but also have become the basic guarantee of completing major projects and major technical equipment. China’s hydraulic products have a certain level of production capacity and technological research system. Particularly, basic products industry got state support over the past decades and the equipment level was improved to some extent. At present, China has been able to produce a full range of varieties and specifications of products for automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, metallurgy, mining, power generation equipment, railway, shipbuilding, light industry, electronics, and defense industries.
In order to keep pace with the latest technology, hydraulic technology must continue to develop and enhance the performance of components and systems to meet the ever-changing market demands. Hydraulic industry is very important to the national economy and is often regarded as an indicator of measuring industrial level. To meet the needs of national economic development, hydraulic technology will continue to gain rapid development and be more widely used in various industrial sectors. Therefore, to develop hydraulic machinery industry, the foothold should be put at improving the level of basic component technology. China’s hydraulic machine industry has entered a new stage of development with a good prospect. Technical development level of heavy equipment engineering represents the level of a country's comprehensive strength. More targeted and better products will be developed for overseas markets, preparing to enter the international market.
Hydraulic Machinery Industry Is under New Situations

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