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It's a industrial gears type and these gears are having angled teeth which creates force on another gear during meshing. Helical gears are fine-tuning in terms of designing so that helical gears work better than spur gears. We can say that edges of helical gears are not similar to the axis of gears rotations.

Helical gears are curved in shape and teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation but set at an angle. The helical gears have cut teeth in a helix and corkscrew in shape. It is used to design the engine to reduce the noise.

In helical system, when two systems are engage with each other, the contact starts at one end of the tooth and then gradually spreads as the gears rotate, until the two teeth are in full engagement. This makes helical gears smoothly and quietly. Helical gears make the angles of the gear teeth mounted on perpendicular shafts, adjusting the rotation angle by 90 degrees.

Helical gears used the helix angle of one having the negative of the helix angle of the other; such a pair might also be referred to as having a right-handed helix and a left-handed helix of equal angles. When two equal but opposite angles are added the angle between shafts is zero, that is, the shafts are parallel.
  • Helical Gears are smooth and quit operation
  • High Speed and Durable
  • Higher loading capacity

2. Manufacturing Capacity/Size
Max module 25
Helical angle 30, 45 Deree
Max PCD Φ 2000mm
Min PCD Φ50mm
Max Gear Face Width 500mm
Accuracy DIN 6-8

3. Functional Analysis
DE industry producing best quality helical gears, we are the leading supplier of helical gears for all major industries like steel, OEM equipment manufacturers, rubber industry, defense, marine, mining and automotive industries.
  Helical gears are used for high speed, high power mechanical systems. They make less noise. Helical gears can handle more load as gear tooth is effectively large. Helical gears work perpendicularly to each other when the teeth of the helical gears are designed correctly. The machines that use helical gears are expensive and require high maintenance and service charge.

4. Materials
ASTM4140, ASTM1045, ASTM4340.
Chinese standard: 42CrMo, 45#, 40CrNiMo.
We also manufacture custom gears according to specific material requirement.

5. Heat Treatment
Normalizing, Modified treatment, Nit riding, Solt bath nitride, Nickel plating, Quenching.

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