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GE Oil & Gas Announced Having Acquired Allen Gears

Posted: 04/23/2014 04:04:18   Edited: 04/23/2014 04:04:15  Clicks: 1937
GE Oil & Gas announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Allen Gearing Solutions (Allen Gears), a privately held designer, manufacturer and service provider of gears for industrial and marine applications. The move comes two years after GE acquired a 35 percent minority interest in the business. 
GE is a world leader in turbo machinery technology that is used in mechanical-drive, compression and power-generation applications such as liquefying natural gas, moving hydrocarbons through pipelines or generating power via gas turbines at a production or industrial site, with 43,000 employees in more than 100 countries supporting customers across the industry. Lufkin’s suite of gears and bearings complements GE’s existing product line and is currently in use on GE's compressor and gas turbines. Just as Lufkin continues to sell these technologies to the open market, so too will Allen Gears following the acquisition.
Allen Gears produces high-speed, high-power gearing solutions specializing in "epicyclic" gears that are lighter, more compact and typically have a higher power density than more traditional parallel shaft gear systems. Epicyclic gears are desirable in industrial and marine applications that require smaller footprints. The U.K. firm has an installed base of more than 6,000 units worldwide with the vast majority being epicyclic gears. Currently, Allen Gears' primary markets include Europe, the United States, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and South Korea with an emphasis on industrial segments including power generation, oil and gas, hydroelectric, marine and nuclear energy.
Allen Gears will be integrated into the Power Transmission division of GE's Texas-based Lufkin business, a leading supplier of artificial lift and industrial gears technology for the oil and gas industry. "This acquisition underscores the importance of Allen Gears' industry-leading technology and GE's ongoing commitment to grow all areas of our newly acquired Lufkin business," said Ian Milne, president of GE Oil & Gas' Lufkin division. “Bringing Allen Gears fully into GE will help Allen Gears grow by leveraging GE's global sales and service footprint.”
"Allen Gears will add manufacturing and field service capacity, boosting GE's ability to compete for projects with tight production and delivery schedules,” said Kevin Johnson, managing director of Allen Gears. “Our advanced technology combined with Lufkin’s will also give us the ability to provide a more complete offering to customers."

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