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Future Trend Features of China Mining Machinery

Posted: 08/31/2014 09:08:10   Edited: 08/31/2014 09:08:10  Clicks: 3537
At Present, the important task of engineering machinery manufacturing industry is industrial upgrading and structural adjustment. As the most important sector of engineering machinery industry, how will the future development path of mining machinery industry be like?
Engineering machinery manufacturing industry, which is one of the basic industries providing production technology and equipment for the national economy, will be the basis of national economic and industrial development for long term. Industrialization processes of Japan, South Korea and China have similarities. It can be seen from their development trajectories that investment per capita in equipment is gradually promoted during the entire period of industrialization.
Current China engineering machinery is facing industrial upgrading and structural adjustment. According to the historical experience of developed countries, industrial upgrading is the backdrop for construction machinery manufacturing industry during the middle and later periods of industrialization. China's construction machinery manufacturing industry should follow the same way. While, as the most important sector of engineering machinery, the future trend of China mining machinery industry has mainly six characteristics as follow.
First, expansion to service areas.
Second, high-end orientation of products.
Third, localization of key components.
Fourth, growing trend of internationalization.
1. Mining machinery industry will become the leader of internationalization strategy for construction machinery industry.
2. Product optimization and export expansion will become a new force in the future development.
3. Local production for global supply is the ideal development model for China's mining machinery industry.
Fifth, low-carbon era of mining machinery industry is coming
Sixth, the western region will become the biggest growth point of future mining machinery market.
Future Trend Features of China Mining Machinery

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