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Export Potential of China's Food Machinery Is Optimistic

Posted: 08/01/2014 10:08:30   Edited: 08/01/2014 10:08:30  Clicks: 2459
It is believed that the external environment of China's machinery industry has obviously improved. Generally, the development of machinery industry is still expected to remain stable.
Chinese government has released a number of fiscal and financial policies to provide concessions for enterprises, especially for small ones. It is trying to enhance the capacity of cross-border investment and management, and to develop export credit insurance. The government also offers insurance services of investment, operational, labor and other aspects for enterprises. These are favorable conditions for further expansion of exports.
This year, the progress of agricultural modernization and urbanization provides better assurance and market space for food industry. It is expected that food industry will further optimize the product structure and improve the quality of industrial development. By 2015, output value of China's food processing and packaging machinery industry is estimated to exceed 600 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 16 percent. China's food machinery has great potential in exporting in the future. Analysts pointed out that the demands for food processing and packaging machinery in ASEAN countries would further increase.
According to the survey statistics of 455 key enterprises that are closely related to China Machinery Industry Federation, the whole food machinery industry realized an output value of 10.19 billion yuan in 2013, increasing by 21%. The sales value reached 9.575 billion yuan, growing by 19.5%. Thereinto 0.9432 billion was realized by exporting.
Export Potential of China's Food Machinery Is Optimistic - China DE

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