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Keeping the World's Energy Operations Up and Running.

Downtime, it's the last word you can afford to hear when you work in the energy industry. No company understands that better than DE. We engineer your required gear which can keep running smoothly and efficient no matter on land or miles offshore. Our dedicated energy industry sales personnel and application engineers understand your unique needs and can recommend proven solutions. Our only goal is keeping your operation up and running.

We Set the Standard So You Don't Have to Worry.

In the energy industries, DE's gear drive products come with experience and longevity in the industry. We want to ensure you get the right product—and first-rate service support—with every sale to lower your total cost of ownership.

Solutions for Energy Markets, Today and Tomorrow.

We know your operations, so we engineer our equipment to withstand any problems you can throw at. Our products don't just work well, they work smart, adapting to today's markets. We have successfully integrated our product solutions with every major manufacturer. Give us the information to understand your situation. And we are ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

High-Energy Service So You are Ready for the Future.

DE wants to know your business inside and out. As a service to our customers, we offer a free design to help you document all process and motion control equipment involved in your operations. This helps you determine future needs and priorities as well as providing you with a complete analysis of problem. So you can save time and money now while reducing future downtime.

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