Double Helical Gear
China Double Helical Gear OEM & Contract Manufacturer Shanghai DE Industrial Co., LTD. makes top Double Helical Gears for agriculture & more industries.

1. Product Features
DE industry is a well known leading manufacturer and supplier of double helical gears in worldwide, Double helical gears are also known as herringbone gears. This is a advance version of helical gears its used to defeat the problem of axial thrust of helical gears. These gears are having two sections of teeth, right hand and the other left hand.
• Better in strength .
• High torque.
• Smooth motion at very high rotational velocities.
• No Side ways force and less wear and tear.

2. Manufacturing Capacity/Size
Gears mate via teeth with very specific geometry. Pitch is a measure of tooth spacing and is expressed in several ways.
Pressure angle is the angle of tooth drive action, or the angle between the line of force between meshing teeth and the tangent to the pitch circle at the point of mesh. Typical pressure angles are 14.5° or 20°.

Helix angle is the angle at which the gear teeth are aligned compared to the axis. Both angles present on the herringbone tooth must be accounted.

Helix angle identified
Helix angle identified

3. Functional Analysis
Double helical gears are used for self alignment and they can allow good torque. We offer the same advantages and very good quality similar to single helical gears type. Helical gears are used in marine gear boxes, national defense, rolling mills, steel plants, sugar mills, mines and other industries.

Herringbone Gear Applications:
Application requirements should be considered with the workload and environment of the gear set in mind.
• Power, velocity and torque consistency and output peaks of the gear drive so the gear meets mechanical requirements.
• Inertia of the gear through acceleration and deceleration. Heavier gears can be harder to stop or reverse.
• Precision requirement of gear, including gear pitch, shaft diameter, pressure angle and tooth layout. Herringbone gears' precise teeth can make them expensive.
• Gear lubrication requirement. Some gears require lubrication for smooth, temperate operation.
• Mounting requirements. Application may limit the gear's shaft positioning.
• Noise limitation. Commercial applications may value a smooth, quietly meshing gear. Herringbone gears offer quiet operation.
• Corrosion resistance. Gears exposed to harsh environments or chemicals should be especially hardened or protected.
• Temperature exposure. Some gears may warp or become brittle in the face of extreme temperatures.
• Vibration and shock resistance. Heavy machine loads or backlash the deliberate surplus space in the circular pith, may jostle gearing.
• Operation disruption resistance. It may be necessary for some gear sets to function despite missing teeth or misalignment.

4. Materials
ASTM4140, ASTM1045, ASTM4340.
Chinese standard: 42CrMo, 45#, 40CrNiMo
We also manufacture custom gears according to specific material requirement.

5. Heat Treatment
Normalizing, Modified treatment, Nit riding, Solt bath nitride, Nickel plating, Quenching.

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