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Domestic Gear Factories Lack of Measuring Instruments

Posted: 05/27/2014 04:05:58   Edited: 05/27/2014 04:05:03  Clicks: 1650
Only about 300 gear manufacturers possess sets of basic measuring instruments in China’s gear industry. The number of trilinear coordinates measuring instruments is over 200 units, most of which are imported from abroad. All kinds of gear measuring instruments exist more than 1000 sets, of which over 30 sets belongs to measurement center. These instruments factories include foreign companies MAAG, Klingelnberg, Hofler, CarlMahr, MM etc. More than 500 sets of roundness measuring instruments, metro scopes, optical dividing heads, roughness testers, projectors and universal tool-measuring microscopes are provided by TaylorHobsom, CarlMahr, Zeiss, SIP etc.
Few of the rest about 200 gear factories have precision measuring instruments. Some factories have no measuring instrument except universal measuring tool. Many plants operate without noise meter, torsional vibrometer and other necessary instruments. Product parts, components and assemblies must pass the process of strict quality testing and control, thus advanced applicable measurement technology and instruments are essential conditions for gear manufacturing.
High precision, complex structure of cast iron, aluminum alloy or welded body bearing are vital to transmission parts such as gears, worms, and screws. These housings have a large number of precision hole system and plane need to be measured by precision measurements. Therefore, every company should be equipped with three coordinates measuring instrument in different specifications and accuracies.
For all kinds of machinery factories, whatever gear transmission is homemade or outsourcing, measuring instruments for gear, screw, spline are necessary equipments. Otherwise, factories are unable to control the manufacturing quality of transmission devices.

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