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Competition of Machine Tools Shows Three Main Features

Posted: 06/26/2014 01:06:53   Edited: 06/26/2014 02:06:23  Clicks: 2067
Modernization level and scale of machine tool industry is one of the important symbols of developed industry for a country. Traditional powerful machine tool manufacturing nations contain Germany, Japan, the United States, Italy and other industrialized countries. China has become a large machine tool manufacturer. The world's major developed countries were affected by the financial crisis in 2009 and the machine tool industry output value encountered a sharp decline. China’s machine tool industry still remained positive growth under the condition and the output value leaped to the first place first time. China’s production value of machine tool continued to be at top last year.

Features of Machine Tools Competition in International Market

On the whole, the world competition of machine tools presents the following features:
First, powerful nations, as main international machine tool exporters, still own advanced technology, large scale and brand advantage.
Second, main consumer markets are transfer to developing countries, particularly like China, India, Mexico, etc. 
Third, China, which has strong competitiveness in the high-end products, plays an important role in the world’s machine tool industry. However, there still exists a certain gap compared with leading level.

Features of Machine Tools Competition in Domestic Market

At present, domestic metal forming machine tool industry emerges a competition pattern among multinational companies, foreign investment enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, mainly showing the following features:
First, the industry competition is divided into three levels. Multinational companies and foreign companies, with powerful technology, scale, brand advantage, occupy the leading position in the high-end market. State-owned enterprises and a few private enterprises, who master owns core technology, large-scales and certain brand awareness, have competitiveness in the middle and high-end market. Smaller private enterprises carry out competition in low-end market.

Second, domestic enterprises are generally in small scales and low concentration degree. According to the China Machine Tool Industry Yearbook 2013, China metal forming machine tool industry has 509 companies, but only three of them exceed one billion Yuan of sales revenue.

Third, domestic individual enterprises supply less product variety. Metal forming machine tools include hydraulic press, mechanical press, forging machine and punching machine, bending, folding, straightening and leveling machine, shearing machine, punching machine and other metal forming machine tools. Due to historical reasons, most domestic metal forming machine tool enterprises mainly produce one or two types of products.
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