• Lower your procurement and outsourcing costs; directly transfer the save into your fundamental growth. 
  • Secure top qualified factory to customize products and services for you. 
  • Take the initiative to manage product design and quality control.
  • Guarantee 100% on-schedule delivery in accordance with client's requirement.
  • Build up constructive commercial relationship via collaboration and teamwork. 
  • Expand your global reach with minimum cost. 
Although your ultimate expectation is to minimize your sourcing cost, DE can do far more than this. To meet the requirement of your demanded products and services, we can support you with followings: develop your sourcing strategies, market entry, product and service strategies. We also promise to maintain quality control, as well as obtaining process improvement and guaranteeing timely delivery.
All in all, we are committed to spare no effort to make you content.

Miss Lavendie Lee 
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