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Combine Harvesters Lead Agricultural Mechanization

Posted: 06/23/2014 03:06:30   Edited: 08/06/2014 09:08:41  Clicks: 5539
With the busy harvest season going to be past in China, provinces and cities all over the country have almost completed wheat harvest. Thanks to the agricultural mechanization of cross-regional combine harvester for wheat harvest, the grains can be stored into warehouse in such a short time.
According to the editor of China Engineering Machinery Trade Network, China agricultural mechanization, with rural reform as watershed, generally has experienced two different periods of development. During the previous period, the government widely implemented agricultural mechanization, which was applied and managed by the state. It was expected that a basic implementation of agricultural mechanization would be realized in 1980, but the goal was not achieved. In the new period, farmers have become the subject of investment and development for agricultural mechanization. By the cross-regional work of combine harvester, China will create a development path of agricultural mechanization with unique Chinese characteristics.
Cross-regional work of combine harvester has gradually expanded in the production of wheat, rice, corn and other crops from Northern farmland to other crop areas. After 22 years of solid propulsion, the wheat production has firstly achieved whole mechanization basically. Other agricultural production fields also have obtained steady development and increasingly show a thriving vitality under the push and influence of cross-regional network.
Cross-regional network of agricultural machinery has now become an important symbol of advanced productive forces in rural area. Meanwhile, domestic agricultural machinery has become a mainstay. Harvesters like “Valley God” of Foton Lovol, “King Valley” of Chery etc are the first choices for cross-regional harvest, whose high efficient got the favour of farmers.
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