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CNC Gear Processing Industry Flourishes in China

Posted: 08/20/2014 09:08:03   Edited: 08/20/2014 09:08:03  Clicks: 1581
As we all know, gears are the most basic components in mechanical transmission. Gear machine tool is recognized as one of the products with the highest technology, the most parts and the most complex structure within machine tool industry.
CNC gear machine tool is now one of China's strong products. Five-axis CNC hobbing machines, large inner and outer tooth milling machines for wind power industry, milling machines with a 12m diameter for heavy mining machinery industry, etc have all been successfully developed.
According to China Machine Tool Industry Association, considering the China international machine tool shows this year, domestic CNC gear machine tools have a high fill rate in domestic market. However, some high-end CNC gear machine tools still depend on imports.
For example, the gearbox of draught fan mainly consists of tank, planetary gear train, speed change mechanism and other components. It belongs to large tank with high precision. Based on the amount of power generation, the diameter is between about 2 ~ 3m. At present, draught fan manufacturers still have to import this machine tool from abroad
Furthermore, since the processing amount of gear machining gearboxes is increasing, large ring gears, spur gears and helical gears need batch production. The main processing equipments are large CNC vertical hobbing machine, CNC shaping machine, CNC grinding machine and so on. Universal requirements for large size processing tools should contain high efficiency, heavy duty, heavy cutting and good rigidity. Unfortunately, the current large-sized gear cutting machines still rely mainly on imports, while domestic equipments can only achieve processing of medium and small gears.
The rapid development of the machine tool industry is urgently needed by both traditional industries such as automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, military, etc and emerging industries such as high-speed rail, rail, electronics, etc. Therefore, gear machine tool manufacturers are facing new demands, some of which are actively adjusting the industrial structure, continuously expanding applications and providing new products with high-speed, high-stability and high-precision to meet industry needs.
CNC Gear Processing Industry Flourishes in China

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