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CMIF Signed a Framework Agreement with Binhai New Area

Posted: 07/23/2014 10:07:23   Edited: 07/23/2014 10:07:23  Clicks: 1405
China Machinery Industrial Federation and the government of Tianjin Binhai new area signed a framework agreement of strategic cooperation On July 16 to deepen bilateral strategic cooperation and jointly promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry of this area.
Wang Ruixiang, the president of the federation, pointed out that Binhai new area is developing by leaps and bounds in recent years. At present, automobile and equipment manufacturing has become the biggest pillar industry, forming an industry cluster of automotive, marine engineering equipment and ship repairing, petroleum and petrochemical equipment, etc. According to statistics, the output value of equipment manufacturing industry in Binhai reached 508.464 billion Yuan in 2013.
However, some issues exist in equipment manufacturing industry need to be perfected at the same time. The industrial development level needs to be promoted, and the industry chain needs to be extended further. In addition, high-end fields such as high design, complete set of services and high value-added products still need strengthening. Foreign capital enterprises account for a large proportion. Thus the introduction and cultivate of national brand is required to be focused on especially. Comprehensive service system needs to be further perfected.
China Machinery Industrial Federation will become an important channel of introducing international and domestic equipment manufacturing resources for Binhai new area by this cooperation. In addition, the league will also continue to explore innovation model and practical experience of service through the cooperation.
It is understood that the two sides agreed to deepen the cooperation of applying robotics and intelligent manufacturing equipment, exhibitions of cultivating high-end brand, communications of professional associations etc. They aim to form a long-term, stable, efficient and pragmatic cooperation mode by constantly expanding cooperation areas and scopes.
CMIF Signed a Framework Agreement with Binhai New Area - DUCOO

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