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China - the Largest Engineering Machinery Creator

Posted: 07/18/2014 01:07:16   Edited: 07/18/2014 02:07:00  Clicks: 2003
Sales volume and sales revenue of China’s engineering machinery have both surpassed the United States, Japan, Germany, ranking at first in the world. Self-sufficiency rate of China's construction machinery have increased from 70% during “Fifteen Period” to 80% at present. It has achieved the transformation from manufacturing to creation gradually. A large number of engineering mechanical products including loaders, excavators, cranes, roller, forklift truck, bulldozer, and concrete machinery have leapt to the highest place in the world. That means China has become a real large engineering machinery manufacturer.
According to the "2014-2018 Leasing Industry Development Mode and Outlook Analysis Report of China Engineering Machinery” released by research institute, China's huge construction machinery market have attracted large international companies such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Doosan to invest there. Due to the advantages of technology and management, they have occupied high-end construction machinery market in China. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's construction machinery industry, there has emerged number of excellent engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises including Xugong, Mansion, Shantui, Liugong, Zoomlion, Sany, Crane and so on.
The concentration of engineering machinery industry is gradually increasing in China. Pacesetter enterprises are leading independent brands to grow faster. Large enterprises closely related with Engineering Machinery Industry Association are better than the whole industry on various economic indexes. The proportion of sales revenue made by top 50 enterprises has risen again, accounting for 86% of the whole industry. The list of world's top 50 construction machinery manufacturers contains 11 Chinese companies such as Xugong, Zoomlion, Sany, Liugong, Shantui, Lonking, Mansion etc. There are 12 foreign investment enterprises reached 10 billion Yuan of sales revenue, among which three enterprises Xugong, Zoomlion, Sany have exceeded 80 billion Yuan.
 China has become the world‘s largest engineering machinery manufacturer - DE

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