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China Mechanical General Parts Industry Goes Up Fast

Posted: 06/05/2014 05:06:30   Edited: 06/05/2014 05:06:50  Clicks: 1549
Lately, China's Mechanical General Components Industry Association held the sixth member congress. Vice President Wang Changming summarized the achievements of general parts industry in recent four years.
Mr. Wang Said: “We are delighted that we created a few industry peak of economic development. The industry output value exceeded 300 billion RMB, industry exports broke through $10 billion, and $10-billion enterprises emerged. Looking forward to the future, we are confident that we will be able to realize the strategic goal of becoming a strong general machinery components industry."
In the past four years, the output value of mechanical general components industry jumps from 205.9 billion Yuan in 2009 to 300 billion Yuan  in 2011, and achieved 344 billion Yuan  in 2013. Total growth rate reaches 67%, and average annual growth rate comes to 14%.
Therein, the output value of gear industry exceeded 200 billion Yuan achieving 208 billion in 2013. The growth rate during four years reaches 72%. Fasteners industry achieves 69 billion Yuan, growing by 42%. Chain industry, 20.2 billion Yuan, 83%. Spring industry, 21.5 billion Yuan, 99%. Powder metallurgy industry, 10.8 billion Yuan, 77%. Transmission connection industry, 14.5 billion Yuan, 63%.
At the same time, exports have also achieved good results. The export volume and unit prices have both been growing. Industry import and export in 2013 reached $30.648 billion, growing by 70%. Among which exports achieved double growth to 131%, $12.485 billion. Wang Changming particularly pointed out that the gear industry exports grows from $1.714 billion in 2009 to $5.315 billion in 2013. The total growth rate of 210% ranks the first place in exports volume. Meanwhile, the export unit prices also increase. For example, a separate project unit price of gear products rose from 3.5148 thousand dollars/ton to 4.3481 thousand dollars/tons, growing by 23.7%.
In recent years, backbone enterprises play a key role in national major equipments, key projects and national defense supporting. They provide the key parts and components for strategic emerging industries such as wind power, nuclear power, high-speed rail, aerospace, new energy vehicles. Especially, the achievement performance and brand construction of those backbone enterprises further improve the industrial status effectively. According to the report of 2013 China machinery industry development, mechanical generic components industry's annual output is 323.2 billion Yuan, becoming the highest output value sector of national basic industry. In the aspect of import and export trade, it also listed at the first place both in total import and export volume.

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