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China Investment Castings Are Favored by Foreigners

Posted: 09/15/2014 09:09:34   Edited: 09/15/2014 09:09:34  Clicks: 1528
In modern society, information is unusual precious to every industry and business. It is crucial for the development of die casting molds to improve information technology. Developing and making good use of information resources is to insure smooth, high-quality and high-efficiency operation of production and business activities by applying timely handling of information. With the rapid development of China's automobile and other related industries, die-casting mold industry has been driven up.
China’s investment casting molds have attracted many top clients both at home and abroad. With the continuous improvement of mold manufacturing technology and strong price advantage of car chassis castings exported to Europe, it can be predicted that the export volume of domestic investment casting will steadily rising in the future despite of global economic downturn in recent years.
Form the view of national macro policy, the development of industry, international and domestic market capacity, large sophisticated investment casting molds and die casting molds have huge demands in the international and domestic market. The world's automotive giant Chrysler Company pays 300 million yuan in China for mold design and manufacturing. Companies are likely to get the order as long as they are qualified in technology equipment. Therefore, investing the projects of precision molds is based on theory and practice.
More and more high-quality investment casting molds cross the seas, which have common in sophisticated materials, excellent making and high dimensional accuracy. They have met customer standards and reached the international advanced level of lifespan and quality, as well as owning significant price advantage. China’s oil pressure chassis casting molds are sought after by major domestic and foreign investors due to the price advantage, advanced design and superior production skills.
China Investment Castings Are Favored by Foreigners

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