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China Engineering Machinery Goes to Overseas Market

Posted: 06/30/2014 04:06:07   Edited: 06/30/2014 04:06:37  Clicks: 1557
China's mileage of high-speed railway has reached 11000 kilometers so far, accounting for half of the world’s total mileage. Since then, China high-speed railway is considered to “go out” on the agenda. This strategy has gone through 5 years since 2009. China's high-speed develops by leaps and bounds over the years. However, it didn’t go so well in promotion abroad.
Closely related to the construction of high-speed rail, engineering machinery has got rapid ascension with the development of high-speed railway. China engineering machinery enterprises have realized leap-forward development in product development ability, technology creating capacity and control ability of industrial chain. As the enterprise growing quickly, the footsteps of "going out" are accelerating. More and more domestic engineering machinery enterprises are going abroad and integrated with overseas markets. Especially under the market situation of industry downturn, internationalization has become the key to development for enterprises. 
In the aspect of high-speed rail technology, from the introduction of 200 km/h high-speed train technology to independent development of 380 km/h Harmony CRH trains, although China is often accused of plagiarism, there is no denying that China's high-speed rail technology makes progress quickly. China's high-speed rail has reached the international level from rail technology to core parts. Thus, high-speed railway is recognized as an important brand shifting from "Made in China" to "Created in China".
Similarly, domestic engineering machinery enterprises in recent years introduced internationalization strategy combined with their own characteristics. They are carrying out various channels to enter the international market such as exporting, building overseas factories, Sino-foreign joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.
In 2008, Zoomlion bought Italian CIFA and went through the most difficult period of cultural integration and business integration. Zoomlion not only won the CIFA's top technology and craft, also won the overseas markets around the world.
In January, 2012, Trinity successful acquired Germany Putzmeister and has completed resource integration in marketing, research and development, business at present. It’s overseas layout covered across four continents and it has R&D and manufacturing bases in India, the United States, Germany and Brazil.
In 2012, Xugong Group successful bought Germany Schwing Group, global famous concrete equipment leader. It successfully stepped into the concrete machinery industry and set up scientific research institutions in Germany to strengthen its research and innovation ability.
China Engineering Machinery Goes to Overseas Market

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