Bevel Gear
China Bevel Gear OEM & Contract Manufacturer Shanghai DE Industrial Co., LTD. provides most reliable Bevel Gear OEM & Contract Manufacturing services. Contract manufacturing as customer required & Design.

1. Product Features
Bevel Gears are very popular type of gears used in most of the industries, its used for transmitting mechanical power and motion between un similar axes generally at right angles which is effective for working round the corners.

We are able to produce straight and spiral bevel gears according to custom requirement. Bevel gears can pass power through shafts at practically any angle and speed. Standard Materials can be MS, Alloy, Steel and Carbon Steel, cast Iron or as required by customer to make bevel gears mainly made by brass, aluminum, bronze, cast iron, steel includes hardness etc.

Type of Bevel Gears:
• Straight Bevel Gears and quiet operation
• Spiral Bevel Gears
• Zerol Bevel Gears
• Miter Gears
• Crown Gears

2. Manufacturing Capacity/Size
Max module 25
Spiral angle ±0 – 60 Degrees
Max PCD Φ 2000mm
Min PCD Φ20mm
Max Gear FACE WIDTH  500mm
Accuracy DIN 6-8

3. Functional Analysis
DE has gained the expertise and ability to manufacture high-precision spiral, straight and skew bevel gears. Applications include but are not limited to industry equipment in the power generation, marine and mining applications. It is possible to calculate the appropriate design and specifications that will result in the production of high-precision spiral and straight bevel gears in accordance to customer’s demands.

4. Materials
ASTM4140, ASTM1045, ASTM4340.
Chinese standard: 42CrMo, 45#, 40CrNiMo.
We also manufacture custom gears according to specific material requirement.

5. Heat Treatment
Normalizing, Modified treatment, Nit riding, Solt bath nitride, Nickel plating, Quenching.

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