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DE is a brand which has leading market share and high trust. It is a growing industrial OEM company with multiple platforms with which products are supplied to the global terminal market. DE is a contract manufacturing services provider group where research, design, production and sales are integrated together. Its top manufacturing factories supply a wide range of products, from various components to finished assemblies.  
The productions manufacturing in DE Precision Gear Factory are gears applied for mining industry, construction machinery and agricultural machinery, etc. Exception is its heavy-load drive gears which are specific for the metallurgy industry. The factory has 94 staff, including 17 technical quality engineers and 11 management staff.  DE Precision Gear Factory covers an total area of 16,800㎡ which includes 8,800㎡ building area, with $2,100,000 fixed assets and $6,500,000 annual sales.
DE Precision Hydraulic Valves Factory mainly manufactures break valves, multiport valves,Go to Factory Tour steering valves, flow-enlarging valves, redirector and other hydraulic valves for vehicles and construction machinery. Among them, the multiport valve is prioritized as a national patented product. The factory has 74 staff, including 8 technical quality engineers and 6 management staff. Covering an area of 6,000㎡ including 4,000㎡ building area, it possesses $4,500,000 sales and $1,130,000 fixed assets.
DE Precision Foundry has introduced in the most advanced foundry technology from Canadian Oriental Company. It produces thin-walled aluminum alloy precision castings in complicated structure for aerospace industry, military armament, electronic communication, vehicle etc. The technology has solved the difficult processing problem as well as achieving maximum and even no processing work. The manufactured castings can maintain ±0.1mm dimension precision. The total workers are 38, with 5 technical quality engineers and 3 management staff. 2,500 ㎡ building area counts for a large proportion in the total 3,800㎡ factory areas. The factory gains $3,500,000 annual sales and $600,000 fixed assets.

DE Machinery Processing Factory is specific in manufacturing machinery components such as rollers, transmission shaft, crasher-use bearing block and shaft end, stainless steel seal ring, flange and aluminum fixings and so on. The total number of workers is 22, including 4 technical engineers and 2 management staff. The processing factory occupies 2,500㎡ area which 1,500㎡ are building area. It possesses $400,000 fixed assets and $2,000,000 annual sales.  Learn more DE Company Profile.


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