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A Brief Analysis to Present China Gear Market

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Gears refer to the mechanical components and mechanical parts of rims that have continuous teeth meshing to transfer movement and power. They are extensively used in industries including instrument, machine tools, engineering machinery, transportation, etc. Thus gears are indispensable parts of modern industry. With the gradual improvement of market economy, China's gear industry has achieved great development. The product categories are complete, and gear industry has increasingly and gradually formed a relatively complete industrial system independently. At the same time, the market competition is intensifying. Under the situation of both opportunities and challenges, China's gear market can be overviewed as follows:
After 20 years of development, private enterprises in gear industry have emerged quickly. The number of private enterprises, contribution of jobs, total assets, profit ability and the innovation vigor all surpasses state-owned, foreign capital and joint venture companies. It is playing an increasingly important role in market position and industry. Undoubtedly, it has huge potential of development.
China gear industry has three big markets: vehicle gears, general industrial gears and special industrial gears. The vehicle gears account for 62% of the total amount of gear market, and the automobile gears account for 62% of the vehicle gear. That means automobile industry is the most important downstream industry of gear industry.
China has become the third largest gear manufacturer in the world.
Domestic gear industry has low industrial concentration, low patent product quantity, low number of high technology and high added value products, and low investment for technology research and development.
Since the reform and opening policy was carried out, China has formed six large gear producing areas through the selection and competition of markets: the East, North, Southwest, Central, Northwest, and Northeast China. Among them, East China accounts for half of the industry.
China gear industry has entered into large manufacturing industry whose annual sales are based on one hundred billion Yuan. Sales of gear industry exceeded 160 billion Yuan in 2010.
China gear industry has achieved great development - gearvalves

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